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Digital pressing is more than just listening to a track. It's a unique package, consisting of full audio tracks, artistic graphic visual works and an exclusive community that brings creators and listeners together in one place.
However, that's not all that digital pressing offers. At its heart is NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology, or blockchain-based digital certificates of ownership. These are what make each digital pressing unique and limited. It's not just access to music, it's owning an authentic work of art in digital form. The artist tokenises his music, creating a digital footprint of his work for eternity.
In this case, the main attribute is the socially creative aspect of owning and collecting.
This is a vinyl record with a Digital Certificate of Authenticity into which we have poured all our passion for sound quality. We have teamed up with masters of vinyl mastering, DMM master cutting and pressing to capture all the beauty of the music created by artists and producers in the studio. This is vinyl at its finest in both audio and print quality, further combined with modern technology such as blockchain, which allows for unprecedented possibilities in collecting.
This is a digital recording ripped directly from the mother DMM in the studio cutting matrices. An extremely sensitive and precise stylus connected to the highest quality audio equipment follows the diamond cutting knife directly during ripping. As a result, you get an audio recording untainted by any subsequent processing (such as plating or pressing). A novelty in the world of digital files is the use of blockchain technology and the NFT solution based on it. With these, you can own such a digital file just as you own a vinyl record. But that's not all - if you bought GOLDENBLACK DIGITAL VINYL™ in a pre-order, your cryptocurrency wallet address will be stored in this file, proving once and for all that you were its first purchaser.
• A fusion of jazz, ethno and electronica
• Dagadana merged four cultures: Polish, Ukrainian, Mongolian and Chinese
• PRICE € 59.99
• Audio Hi-Res files copied directly from the DMM matrix
• Processed using the EMT PURE BLACK cartridge, EMT JPA 66 preamplifier and LAVRY AD 122-96 MX analog/digital converter
• File quality: 24bit-96kHz (2fs) Digitization carried out at Pauler Acoustics
• Certificate of ownership of the digital version of the album
• PDF booklet 5 NFT graphics related to the album
• The Simples Music: Dagadana (4 NFT)
• Access to the download area and bonus materials
• You will get access to the audio files and the rest of the perks on the album release date 20/10/2023