Klemens Hannigansoulful and at times wistful slow-dance deep-pop, Low Light takes you on a sexy but emotional charged journey
About Klemens

Klemens Nikulásson Hannigan, a maverick maestro blending British and Icelandic influences, carves out a unique space in Reykjavik as a composer, performer, and artisan carpenter. Known for his pivotal role in the avant-garde multimedia sensation HATARI, Hannigan is the brain behind the synthesis of sound and sight that defines the project. Together with his collaborators, he crafts the music, steers the performance, and shapes the visual spectacle, making HATARI a name synonymous with groundbreaking techno performance art.

In 2019, HATARI crashed the Eurovision Song Contest, delivering a performance that erupted into a cultural volcano. Their act, a combustible mix of controversy and charisma, captured global attention, setting the stage ablaze with their unapologetic showcase. It wasn't just the performance that made headlines; their political statements and theatrical flair turned them into the event's uncontested zenith. Amidst the whirlwind of attention, John Oliver, the sharp-witted commentator, hailed them as "Magnificent," asserting that "HATARI Are Better Informed Than Trump," a testament to their impactful presence on and off the stage.

Klemens’s first solo album is due to be released soon. On the album he makes an alliance with instrumentalist and producer Leifur Björns (Cheek Mountain Thief, Low Roar) who acts as the general slash co-pilot, and producer Howie B (U2, Massive Attack, Björk, Tricky) the spiritual guide of their journey.

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Klemens' Artistic Manifesto
•  You will be a naivist perfectionist.

• Making a fool of yourself is something you shall take seriously.  

• Examine your own navel, with humility.  

•You shall go out of your way to feel sorry for yourself.  

• You will acknowledge your helplessness against art.  

• You shall maintain complete control of art.  

• You will lay your heart on the table. Then you will invite people for dinner.  

• You are as dependent on your pedestal as it is dependent on you.  

• Art has no sympathy for its neighbor.  

• Art removes the veil from the artist's head. Mercilessly.

This is all inevitable.


• Klemens Hannigan, one of internationally known Icelandic shock-art project HATARI’s two lead singers, has relesed his first solo album, "Low Light"

soulful and at times wistful slow-dance deep-pop, Low Light takes you on a sexy but emotional charged journey

• First press limited to 500 copies

• Vinyl record

Red-transparent vinyl

• 1 LP, 33 rpm, 140 grams

• Album performed and produced by Klemens Hannigan, Leifur Björnsson (Low Roar), & Howie B. (U2, Björk, Massive Attack).

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